By drawing

By drawing After that the circle is outlined problems which parents would like to resolve during psychotherapeutic activity.

By drawing up the contract with parents the psychotherapist the psychologist tells about the general the principles of work with the child one of which is confidentiality.

Very important to discuss with parents what data the therapist will report them and what it has to to keep in secret as feedback with parents and what data and will be carried out in what volume the psychotherapist the psychologist can tell to experts of other profiles, working with the child for example, to the logopedist, the class teacher etc.

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And what's so terrible? Well, will

And what's so terrible? Well, will But such things happen because we don't teach them how to treat different life situations.

We do not help them to analyze and to give a correct evaluation of all that we experience events.

Well, failed you're the exaM. And what's so terrible?

Well, will not become an excellent student, and you will think badly.

Or even if he stole something, what of it?

Of course, for it is paid the fine, and someone, probably in jail, but the worldit does not ends!

Theft is capable of any person.

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Read to the child

Read to the child Read to the child Kisonka N.

Kvitko how many love to ma to lenky being in this poem!

And who it settled down on a lawn i listens to the little musician in Skripochka?

How many sympathy to to bear who at last could sleep Alarms came to an end sleeps in the to den.

The whole drama about the bug who is carried away by a storm and rescued by the boy.

Not consider these verses from old collections archaic or outdated on original literature such concepts do not extend ask N.

Kvitko's books in library.


Prokofiev's verses About GalyaGalinka, Kids are good decorate the majority of children's anthologies.

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And the mountain

And the mountain And the mountain spirit was gone as if thawed in air.

Were delighted the old man with the old woman so that if their pleasure to divide into all people, so would be enough for everyone and still a little bit remained.

Questions and tasks Why the old man with the old woman above all obradova foxes to the Snowball?

Why the mountain spirit decided to return the Snowball to old men?

As you think, they would exchange the Snowball for all riches, which had?

What qualities of the old man and old woman seemed to you most chu the close?

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We with

We with Katya Mashkova, , Moscow, high school No.

Adequately respect On light there are not enough people whom I respect.

About those whom I love, I can tell, but it is possible to love and thus not to respect.

It is difficult for me to respect the father.

He angry also shouts on me.

But one case showed me that people outside not such, as inside.

We with the father arrived to the village and went on the narrow road, and along the road there was a ditch with water.

Suddenly I saw that the horse from far away rushes.

I review la on her and understood nothing, but the father understood at once.

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